About Us

Established 35 years ago, our mission was to bring the exotic taste of Fijian-made foods to every home.

Food Processors (Fiji) Limited (FPFL) is a government commercial company.

Since the inception of Food Processors, the company has worked hard to pack the goodness of Fiji and share it both locally and around the world.

The value chain that Food Processors created helps improve livelihood of Fijians by creating employment while also contributed to Fiji’s GDP growth through exports.

Core Business

This includes processing and vacuum-packing green leafy vegetables and fruits to sustain freshness and color, so they are available in their natural state with no added chemicals or ingredients.

Our Brands

FPFL’s fine quality products are manufactured under the brand name "PACIFIC CROWN", "RED RIBBON", "AGRO CROWN", "NATURAL FOODS OF FIJI" and other associated co-brands.