For Buyers

Through our high-quality products, we are committed to creating long-term, sustainable relationships with all our customers from Fiji and around the globe. FPFL has exported goods to various countries around the world like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia & New Zealand, through which we have put the taste of organic Fijian grown foods on the world platter.


Our Brands

FPFL’s fine quality products are manufactured under the brand name "PACIFIC CROWN", "RED RIBBON", "AGRO CROWN", "NATURAL FOODS OF FIJI" and other associated co-brands.


Quality Standards

Food Processors knows this and takes quality with utmost seriousness in its entire farm to shelf process.
With the following accreditation implemented across its manufacturing process, the company ensures to deliver quality products to people.

ISO 22000 Certification

We are certified to ISO 22000 standards and follow comprehensive food safety management system.

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Health Certification

We are certified for health controls and check by the Fijian Ministry of Health.

Bio Security Certification

Our premises is approved and has export license from the Biosecurity of Fiji

Suva City Council

Business License

We are registered with the Suva City Council for operating a business.


Halal Certification

Our products are approved by the Fiji Muslim League for being Halal.

Fijian Made

Fijian Made

Our products are registered as Fijian made or produced.

Fijian Grown

Fijian Grown

Our products are registered as Fijian made or produced.



Our two brands, Pacific Crown and Red Ribbon are officially trademarked.

Ministry of Health

Workplace and Chemical Registration

Food processors is registered with Workplace and chemical certification.

Food and Drug Administration

Our products are Food and Drug Administration certified.