Batiri Farm

Where it all begins

The Batiri Farm, an orchard in the heart of Labasa spread over 450 acres of land, is much more than a commercial operation of Food Processors. It nestles an abundance of fruits and vegetables, and caters for over 15 farmer’s livelihoods.

Batiri Oranges

The farm accommodates the luscious Batiri Oranges, this variety of oranges are a work of art that has perfect blends of green and yellow tint.

In May 2022, 102,000 Batiri oranges were picked and 29 people from the rural farming communities were involved in it from Batiri Village and Vunivere Vil­lage.



Our Duruka plants are rich and nutritious, secreted inside the long, grassy stems and shucked from their green sheaths, it is cultivated and nurtured to provide the best to our customers.


At the Batiri Farm, we have an abundance of coconut trees that produces coconuts that contains a good quantity of sweet-tasting water, and a high content of meat.