Carbon Footprint

Food Processors is devoted to helping Fiji’s agriculture and its farmers with environment friendly and sustainable food chain process.

Working together, they teach and implement sustainable practices to ensure the environment from which the produce come from is protected for future.

In alignment with Fiji’s National Development Plan, Sustainable Development Goals 13.2 and the Green Growth Framework, Food Processors has incorporated a sustainable approach to its production processes with the use of more environmentally-friendly technology and practices.

In the walk towards a more sustainable future, Food Processors has adopted this in thier strategic plan for 2022 – 2026. Initiatives have been developed for green manufacturing by adopting environmentally friendly technology both at the processing factory as well as the farm.

The Batiri Farm will become a solar powered farm and the FPFL factory will pave the way with good business practices, progressive solutions and mindful actions towards sustainability and a greener earth. This includes processing and vacuum packing green leafy vegetables and fruits to sustain freshness and colour, so it is available close to its natural state with no added chemical and ingredients